Commercial real estate professionals look to BOMA as a leading source for industry education. BOMA offers a variety of programs designed to enhance and advance the careers of commercial real estate professionals.  Courses are offered in a variety of formats—ranging from traditional, classroom-based seminars to online seminars and Webinars—to suit every schedule and budget.

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Design, Operation, and Maintenance of Building Systems, Part 2 (24 CE)

March 6th - March 8th 2019

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Professional Designations


BOMA of Greater Knoxville is proud to partner with BOMI International, an independent institute for property and facility management education.  Through this partnership we offer classes that provide credit for BOMI designations. For more information about these designations, visit the BOMI International website or call 1-800-235-2664.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

The courses below are potential offerings from BOMA of Greater Knoxville.  Some courses may only be offered when there is enough interest in our market.  See a class you are interested in?  Please let us know by using the form at the bottom of the page.
Green Roofs
Creating Engaging Properties

2 Hours

In a changing CRE environment, creativity is now more important than ever. The multiple touchpoints tenants encounter in your facility shape their impression and experience. Through this course, learn how to create unique signature touchpoints to engage all five of your tenant’s senses. This session will provide attendees with a step‐by‐step framework to develop a differentiated tenant experience.

Exterior of a Building
Building Re-Tuning (BRT) Training

16 Hours

Building re-tuning is a systematic approach to identifying and correcting small, operation problems that lease to energy waste.  BRT Training is a blend of classroom instruction and a building walk-through.  Training is available for buildings with or without a BAS System.

Empty Factory
Managing Industrial Properties

8 Hours

While on the surface it may seem that managing industrial properties is similar to managing office or retail properties, operational characteristics and unique needs of industrial tenants require a real estate manager to develop a different set of skills.  This one-day workshop covers the basics of industrial property management.

Stack of Books
Foundations of Real Estate Management

40 Hours

A soup-to-nuts entry-level course covering fundamentals of commercial real estate administration, management, building systems, accounting and reporting, contract management, and more.  The course is designed to be delivered in a five-day format, including a building tour.  Ideal for those new to commercial real estate management, or for experienced CRE professionals who'd like a fundamentals refresher.

Quiet Desk
Asset Management Series Course 1:  Lease Analysis, Valuation, Negotiation & Approval

16 Hours

Lease analysis, Valuation, Negotiation & Approval is the 1st course in BOMA International's Asset Management Course Series.  The 2 day course is designed for property managers who want to learn more about the asset management function.  

Quiet Desk
Asset Management Series Course 2:  Measuring Financial Returns

12 Hours

Measuring Financial Returns is the 2nd course in BOMA International's Asset Management Course Series.  The 7-module, 1 & 1/2 day course is designed for property managers who want to learn more about the asset management function.  

Quiet Desk
Asset Management Series Course 3:  Acquisitions, Dispositions and Underwriting

12 Hours

Acquisitions, Dispositions, and Underwriting is the 3rd course in BOMA International's Asset Management Course Series.  The 6-module, 1 & 1/2 day course is designed for property managers who want to learn more about the asset management function.  

Energy Efficiency Consultation
BOMA Energy Efficiency Program (BEEP)

12 Hours

BEEP v2.0 is a six-module series updated to reflect the latest trends, new technologies, and best practices to help the commercial real estate industry improve the energy performance of real estate assets.  Includes Advanced Metering and Monitoring and Renewable/Clean Tech solutions.

Air Conditioner
Air Handling, Water Treatment, and Plumbing Systems - BOMI

24 Hours

Through this course, you will learn about climate control for human comfort, the components of HVAC systems, and the basics of water treatment and plumbing systems. You will gain the skills and knowledge to perform common water tests, maintain air-conditioning systems, maintain water services, and inspect portable fire extinguishers.​

Modern Building
Asset Management Course - BOMI

24 Hours

Today's property managers work hand-in-hand with asset managers and often serve as asset managers themselves. Expert education gives professionals the capability to build value in real estate assets, providing confidence to investors, owners, and building tenants. Make sense of your assets, discover the asset manager's role function and place in real estate and business, and master the ability to outperform competitors.

Heat Pump Service
Boilers, Heating Systems, and Applied Mathematics - BOMI

24 Hours

Building technicians need to understand the inner workings of boilers, burners, controls, fittings, valves, and pumps, as well as how they connect and interrelate. This course will teach you how to operate and maintain steam, hot water, warm air, and radiant heating systems. You will also learn the principles of mathematics that are essential to operating these building systems.

Professional Meeting
Budgeting & Accounting - BOMI

24 Hours

Budgeting and Accounting features applications and problems you can use to create building and facilities' budgets. In this course, you will have the opportunity to apply concepts within the real property and facilities context. You will follow the accounting process and creation of a budget from start to finish, learning valuable skills such as how to interpret financial statements, annual reports, and statements of cash flows. You will also learn practical skills such as how to compile lease abstracts and prepare rent rolls. The course includes valuable exercises pertaining to computing productivity ratios, depreciation, ending cash balances, preparing income and expense budgets, and explaining budget variances.

Electrical Work
Electrical Systems and Illumination - BOMI

24 Hours

To safely operate and maintain a building’s electrical equipment, you must thoroughly understand the components of electrical systems and how to measure the electricity your building consumes. This course provides you with a clear understanding of electricity basics, the skills needed to measure electrical consumption, and the ability to recognize, set up, and maintain reliable and effective maintenance and safety systems.

Electrican's Tools
Energy Management and Controls - BOMI

24 Hours

Understanding the key maintenance and energy management aspects of building management is critical to running a cost-effective operation. From everyday preventive maintenance tasks to the challenge of developing and selling an energy plan, this course provides you with the skills to evaluate and optimize your current system, the know-how to integrate new components, and the ability to communicate your needs to decision makers.

Fire Alarm
Environmental Health and Safety - BOMI

24 Hours

Ensuring workplace and employee health and safety are issues at the center stage of today's property industry. As a property professional, this course will help you develop and manage proactive environmental/occupational health and safety programs, comply with regulatory standards and guidelines, and assess when to obtain technical assistance.

Successful Manager
Ethics is Good Business - BOMI

6 Hours

This course helps you understand the impact that ethical behavior can have on your professional performance and your property’s bottom line. By working through difficult ethical dilemmas, you’ll develop the confidence to follow through, even when facing adversity.

Facilities Planning and Project Management - BOMI

24 Hours

This course will help you develop the skills and knowledge critical to the successful execution of any facilities project. A case study woven throughout the course's textbook presents real world examples of proper planning and selecting a project team, as well as the importance of flexibility, follow through, and attention to detail.

City Skyline
Fundamentals of Facilities Management - BOMI

24 Hours

Successful facilities managers must have business savvy supported by a broad scope of technical knowledge. This course provides the base from which to build a career in facilities management. You will learn how to structure and manage operations and maintenance programs, and how to manage personnel effectively to control workload. You will gain an understanding of the importance of facilities management to business organizations and operations, while also learning strategies for internal marketing.

New York City
High-Performance Sustainable Building Investments - BOMI

30 Hours

Learners will practice bundling social, environmental, and economic factors, fully integrating all facets of the triple bottom line.  By leveraging analysis tools such as ROI, NPV, and IRR, learners will be equipped to promote and gain buy-in for sustainability and high-performance investment projects. 

New York City
High-Performance Sustainable Building Practices - BOMI

30 Hours

BOMI International's new High-Performance Sustainable Building Practices course identifies the critical no-cost and low-cost sustainable initiatives that every building professional can start implementing now. Throughout this course, you will learn how to effectively optimize and apply sustainable best practices, which cover every aspect of the built environment, to drive operational efficiencies for a high-performance building.

New York City
High-Performance Sustainable Building Principles - BOMI

30 Hours

As an industry professional, you will gain insight into understanding and tackling building performance issues that impact local environmental issues and global climate change; integrating high-performance building standards and guidelines; identifying and overcoming the hurdles to achieving true high-performance; and attaining top-to-bottom organizational buy-in for sustainable building initiatives.

New York City
High-Performance Sustainable Building: HVAC Optimization - BOMI

30 Hours

High-Performance Sustainable Buildings: HVAC Optimization consists of five scenario-based online modules focused on the relationship among the facility manager, building tenants, and systems maintenance personnel. BOMI International’s new program was developed using the latest instructional design techniques, using animated, real-life scenarios to provide learners with immediately applicable learning opportunities.

Law and Risk Management - BOMI

24 Hours

In today's complex business environment, it is increasingly important for property managers to know how to address legal and risk management issues. This course will provide you with a foundation in the basic principles of law and risk management, helping you deal with everyday legal and risk issues surrounding your business. In addition to addressing leasing and conveyance, the course covers important issues on torts, contracts, employer/employee relations, property rights, and environmental law.

Drawing on a Board
Leasing and Marketing for Property Managers - BOMI

24 Hours

Predicting future opportunities for the property manager is a challenge. In this course, you will gain the skills needed to successfully lease and market building space under favorable as well as adverse economic conditions. You will learn to conduct targeted market surveys and to develop a marketing plan that will please both the owner and the tenant. Leasing and marketing are also approached in-depth from legal and ethical angles, as well as from a financial standpoint. This course, which includes current, reliable resources, such as relevant web sites, can help you stay on top of today's marketplace.

Professional Female
Managing the Organization - BOMI

24 Hours

This newly redesigned course will help you become an effective manager and leader in your organization. Your role will take on new meaning as you learn and understand the impact that you can have on your organization and on the individuals who work for you. The course will reinforce the theory and strategies with a new case study in which management practices are applied to address industry trends and issues related to enhancing the value of an asset.

Analysing Data
Real Estate Investment and Finance - BOMI

24 Hours

Through this course you will learn to take charge of real estate investments in order to maximize the value of a property. You will develop knowledge about basic financial concepts as they relate to real estate, including valuation, analysis, taxation, depreciation, and life-cycle costing. Similarly, you will learn to evaluate real estate investments and to develop budgets that estimate net operating income. You will study the income capitalization approach and cover property taxation costs and strategies to offset these costs. You will also gain the skills to conduct discounted cash flow analyses and calculate net present value and internal rate of return. This course features exercises that require the basic use of the HP 10bII* financial calculator.

Air Conditioner
Refrigeration Systems and Accessories - BOMI

24 Hours

Maintaining the proper comfort level in an office environment is essential for tenant satisfaction. Refrigeration equipment is a key component of an air-conditioning system that must be properly maintained and operated at maximum efficiency. This course reviews the basic refrigeration cycle and refrigeration system components, as well as how to operate and maintain reciprocating and absorption refrigeration systems. You will gain the skills and knowledge to describe the principles of refrigeration and identify the performance characteristics of refrigeration components.

Cogs Illustration
The Design Operation and Maintenance of Building Systems, Part I - BOMI

24 Hours

This course provides information property and facility managers need to manage the ongoing operation and maintenance of building systems and to maximize building efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

Cogs Illustration
The Design Operation and Maintenance of Building Systems, Part II - BOMI

24 Hours

This course provides information property and facility managers must have to increase occupant safety and comfort while facilitating building efficiency to meet the business goals of an organization. This course will cover building systems management, analytics, and optimization, best practices in building operations and maintenance, and high performance security and life safety systems design.

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