Rewarding Excellence in Property Management

The purpose of this award is to recognize individuals in the Greater Knoxville area who exemplify outstanding leadership and achievement in commercial real estate management.  Nominees, finalists, and winners will be recognized during our annual Holiday event each December.


In order to be eligible for this award, the property manager must meet the following entry requirements.  These requirements shall be reviewed by the Awards Committee and are subject to change annually.

Each candidate must be nominated using the online application form on this site.  Candidates may not nominate themselves.  Previous nominations will not affect the candidates’ eligibility for this award.


All candidates must be engaged full-time as property managers in the Greater Knoxville Area.  For the purpose of this award full-time is defined as at least thirty-five (35) hours per week.  A Property Manager is defined as a professional who administers real estate for others in accordance with the owner’s objectives and applicable law.

The Property Manager of the Year Award consists of the following categories:


Government & Education






All candidates must perform at least ten (10) of these seventeen (17) property management functions on a routine basis:


  1. Execute management agreements and prepare management plans for the property/properties

  2. Design, implement, and monitor or approve the marketing and advertising of vacancies to attract potential tenants and encourage leasing

  3. Supervise the selection and evaluation of tenants, lease execution, and renewals

  4. Collect slow and unpaid amounts due.  Implement and follow through on potential evictions.

  5. Prepare, implement, or supervise routine and preventive maintenance programs for the property.

  6. Perform regular property site visits to inspect the condition of the property. Take appropriate action in accordance with established policies and procedures.

  7. Determine which products or services should be purchased for the property.  When necessary, prepare specifications, solicit and evaluate bids for contract services, negotiate or approve contracts, and monitor contracts.

  8. Identify, implement, and monitor or approve sustainability practices such as recycling or energy and water conservation programs for the property (Such as Energy Star or BOMA Water and Waste Challenge).

  9. Establish, implement, or support life-safety, security, and emergency preparedness plans for the property.

  10. Identify, analyze, and implement, or approve, capital improvement or replacement programs, including but not limited to maintenance or remodeling programs, resident/tenant improvements, and amenity enhancements.

  11. Process, and/or monitor, or approve property payables.

  12. Review property financials and operating statements and prepare variance explanations;

  13. Advise the property ownership of market conditions, trends, and changes in applicable law, recommending legal counsel should be consulted when necessary.

  14. Assume primary responsibility for compliance with local, state, and federal regulations

  15. Evaluate real estate tax assessments and recommend an appeal strategy to the owner when appropriate.

  16. Establish, maintain, and monitor adherence to, or approve, the property’s record keeping system.

  17. Design and implement, or approve, resident/tenant retention, orientation, and property familiarization programs.

After being submitted for consideration, all nominees will be given a questionnaire to complete.  The Awards Committee will evaluate all nominees for the Property Manager of the Year award using the following criteria:


Length of service in property management

Coworker, Supervisor, or Mentor recommendations

Tenant recommendations

Community Involvement

Professional development

Competence of building operations