Candoro Marble

Candoro Marble once was the premier distributor of Tennessee Pink Marble. The South Knoxville location was a key contributor to Knoxville's nickname, Marble City. Candoro received its name by combining the first few letters of the founders' last names. The facility founded in 1914 was once the office and showroom for the company and is the only piece currently owned by the South Knox Heritage preservation group.

On Thursday, February 15th, BOMA of Greater Knoxville had the privilege of touring Candoro Marble. The front entrance showcases a different cut of the same type of marble on each wall and a stunning ceiling currently in the process of being restored. The building bosts stunning architecture and Ironwork inside and out. While each room showcases a different finish and color of marble.

TN Pink Marble can be found on the exterior of multiple commercial buildings in the Knoxville area. Included but not limited to Knoxville Post Office, The East Tennessee History Center, The Howard Baker Center for Public Policy, The Holston and much more. Other exterior uses across the United States includes The US Capitol Welcome Center, Grand Central Station and the cascading stair case in the San Francisco City Hall.

The Famous Pink Marble has also been spotted in the former St. Mary's Hospital, now Tennova's Physicians Regional Medical Center. And in the Magdalene Tower a property managed by Amanda Gray, CPM, BOMA President and Emily Henderson, BOMA Board member.

We were pleasantly surprised while touring Board Member Ron Bolinger announced he had previously worked at Candoro Marble before it closed down in 1982. Ron worked in the polishing department, where he remembers polishing Tennessee Marble chess pieces.

The tour was followed by the president's report on her recent trip to BOMA Internationals in Washington D.C. Amanda Gray and other BOMA Representatives spoke with state legislatives about obtaining a cure period for ADA infractions. The proposed law would specify the violation and allow the violator a set amount of days to comply with the notice.

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