P.A.S.S. The need to know about fire safety

Press, Aim, Squeeze and Sweep – those are the keys to using a fire extinguisher that Building Owners and Managers Association members learned about at the May monthly meeting.

Following a lunch at Merelli’s Italian Cuisine, the group listened to a Knoxville City Fire Department representative educate on fire safety awareness. Key Topics included how to use an extinguisher and the importance of annual testing/inspections. Each attendee then had the opportunity to practice putting out a controlled propane fire in the parking lot.

“I don’t think I’ve ever held a fire extinguisher in my hands before, so it was truly an eye opening experience. The acronym P.A.S.S. is not one I’ll soon forget since I got to actually implement it in real life, said Amanda Gray with Lillibridge Healthcare Services.”

BOMA would like to thank the Fire Department for providing a speaker and hands-on training. To learn more about upcoming events and membership visit www.bomaknoxville.org

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