Updates, Initiatives & Change - Southern Region

Great things are coming to BOMA's Southern Region! On June 23rd in San Antonio, Texas, representatives from across the Southern Region gathered at the BOMA International Conference. Many topics were covered, with key changes and initiatives including budget, task forces, available positions and Toby awards.

One critical topic covered was the 2018-2019 budget for the Southern Region. The expected budget for this year is exceeding the income received. The only current source of income is the Southern Region conference. The current board is evaluating whether or not to add an undetermined minimum dues amount per person for each chapter that would go towards the Southern Region sufficiently funding future initiatives.

In unfortunate news, the Virginia chapter of BOMA has disbanded and there is concern that other smaller chapter’s may be at risk for the same fate. Board members decided to create a task force specifically designed to connect with smaller chapters. This task force would then help facilitate what needs they may have and report back to the board on what resources could be implemented for all chapters – no matter the size. Amanda Gray, of the Greater Knoxville Chapter has volunteered for this task force.

In March 2019, new board members will be needed, including the Allied/Associate member position. The Southern Region Board is looking for members willing to take on leadership roles as an active avid promoter of BOMA. Attendance at the conferences is required for Southern Region Board members. Nominations will open later this year for the 2019-2021 two year term.

The National Level Toby awards application package will be changing in 2018 to become more user friendly for applicants. Previously there was one large combined book of details covering all categories. The Toby Award guide will now be split up by categories. For example, if you’re entering the medical office category there is a book just for you, same thing goes for industrial and other levels. The amount to participate in regional and national Toby’s is also increasing for first time in many years.

If you have questions on what was covered at The Southern Region Board meeting or you have interest in serving at a Regional Level please contact Amanda Gray at Amanda.Gray@Lillibridge.com.

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