Hot Off the (Digital) Press

Have you checked out the September/October issue of BOMA Magazine? Our latest digital edition gives you access to more than a dozen industry-leading articles in a mobile-friendly format. So, whether you’re in between meetings, on your commute or even standing in line, you can take BOMA Magazine along with you. Check out the new issue, packed full of articles about everything from preparedness "lessons learned" to protecting building occupants from active assailants to the value of certifications for early-career professionals.

This Issue's Features

Property Managers Rally in the Face of Crises

Property pros share how their preparedness plans were put to the test.

Setting the Bar in Property Management

Roll out the red carpet for the 2019 BOMA International TOBY® Award winners.

A "Living" Plan for a Changing World

Explore a dynamic approach to preparedness.

Classic Elegance Meets Modern Excellence

For more than 80 years, Cira Square has stood as a prominent landmark of the Philadelphia cityscape.

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