Our organization strives to be 51% Principal members (building owners/property managers), and 49% Associate members (vendors/service providers) to ensure that everyone is receiving the maximum networking benefits we can offer. Due to our commitment to maintaining that membership ratio, there is a wait list for new associate members.

To be added to the wait list, please contact membership@bomaknoxville.org (or use the form below)

To skip the wait list, a new Associate member may sponsor a new Principal member. This system allows you to join and receive membership benefits now, and maintains our required membership ratio.

The guidelines are as follows:

  • The Associate member is responsible for joining with a new Principal member - this includes paying both fees.

  • The Principal member dues will be between $350 and $395.

  • The Associate member dues will be $525.

  • The membership period is January thru December of each year.

  • Associate members that are participating in this program will receive priority when there is an opportunity to add new Associate members.

  • After the first year of sponsorship, the Associate may renew their membership with the same or a different Principal member. 


To request more information:

Contact the Membership Committee


You can also request more information with this form:

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